Total Supply = 10,00,000 KHM.

Total KHM Supply divided into two parts, each with 500k allocation.

Allocation #1 — For Gamers and Streamer Rewards.

Reserved Fund for Esports Activities = 500,000 KHM.

All esports activities like reward distributions to gamers and streamers and tournament bounties are also distributed from allocation #1.

Allocation #2 — For Marketing & Development, Pre-sale, Yield Farming, and Team rewards.

Pre-sale allocation = ~35,000 KHM.
Uniswap Liquidity Reserve = ~ 65,000 KHM.

Farming Rewards = ~100,000 KHM.

Team Rewards = 100,000 KHM (vested for 5 years) = 767 KHM/ 2 WEEKS.

Marketing and Development = 2,00,000 (vested for 5 years) = 1534 KHM/ 2 WEEKS.

More details are published on the sokudo launchpad website here:



Kohima is a decentralized esports project with an innovative ecosystem involving esports gamers, streamers, and sponsors. KHM is the native token of the Kohima ecosystem.

Kohima Gamers and Streamers can earn KHM rewards for taking part in tournaments and other gaming activities. KHM can be redeemed in our online store. KHM holders can purchase a wide range of items from our merchandise.

Initial investors/supporters of the Kohima project can benefit from price appreciations through a regular buyback of the KHM token from the listed exchanges.

Investors are likely to achieve the highest possible APY (15,000% initially) through farming KHM tokens. Initial rewards on each pool are 3750 KHM / 2 weeks, with a reward halving every two weeks. Our initial investors/supporters are likely to make the most out of the Kohima project.

You can join our telegram channel to stay updated about our tokens sale.